Baratza Zette 270W

$ 669,47

This product will return to september, in a newly upgraded form as the 270Wi

One of our favourite conical burr grinders from Baratza, Sette 270W, introduces the home barista to a new revolutionary grind technology that sets a new bar for simplicity, efficiency, and longevity in one hell of a home kitchen grinder.

The Baratza Sette 270W simply delivers perfect grounds for all brew methods from espresso, over filter and pour over, to french press.

There’s even an integrated scale, with options to save favourite weight settings. It’s compact, loud, fast, and really fucking good.

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The knives are 40mm, with the top knife fixated and the lower knife rotating – opposite to all other grinders on the market. This results in an extremely fast grinder that spits out the ground coffee directly beneath the knives, leaving no places for coffee to get stuck in the process.

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