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Workspace Coffee Supply: Colombia

kr. 220,00 or kr. 199,95kr. 0,00 / month

Enjoy quality coffee at your workspace! Order, reorder or subscribe your supply of freshly roasted coffee, delivered directly to your workspace.

Perfect for the small Moccamaster in your office, your lovely french press for client meetings, or for the big corporate filter solutions spewing out coffee at alarming speeds.

The coffee has a neat balance between notes of ripe fruit, citrus and chocolate. Lovely acidity and a well balanced body. It’s highly addictive!

Packaged in 1 kilo bags, either as whole beans, or pre-ground for filter, pour over, or french press.

Process: Washed
Height: 1600 m.a.s.l.
Type: Arabica
Profile: Light

Ripe coffee berries are harvested individually by hand and shredded in water tanks.

The cooperative are known for the excellent quality of their coffee beans through generations, whilst keeping a focus on sustainable agriculture. The high altitude of the Andean Mountains provides optimal climatic conditions for the passionate coffee growers, and ensure the higheste quality of cultivation and processing of the Arabica beans.

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