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Elevate the coffee at your workplace

Artisanal coffee. Roasted by hand.
Delivered directly to your place of work.
That’s it. 

Coffee at your workplace

Agencies and studios trust us with their supply

How it works

Choose your poison

Espresso or Filter, the choice is yours, it’s all single origin artisanal coffee sourced by hand from sustainable coffee farms.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Roasted on order and shipped within 24 hours of packaging.

Your Choice

Order, reorder or subscribe to ensure you never run out. From our dashboard you’re in full control of all your coffee deliveries.


Coffee (filter)

Designed for the workspace

Tailored for you

At Coffeeship we have designed a neat set of coffees, specifically tailored for the work environment, ensuring high quality, consistency and convenience. We roast on order which means that the coffee is always fresh and never goes stale. We also offer to grind the coffee in advance (we’ll grind the coffee on the same day as we ship).

Ordering (and reordering)

Having a great coffee supply for your workplace consists of getting the right beans at the right time. Choose the type of coffee you would like, if you want it to be pre-ground, and if you would like it to be shipped on a recurrent basis at a discount.

When you’ve placed an order, you can always reorder the same directly from your account.

Subscribe and save!

Subscribing is as easy as ordering, just choose your frequency and we’ll make sure to ship the coffee your way on a recurring basis – no need to think about restock.

As a subscriber, you even save up to 15%!

There is no commitment, and you can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription, pause it, or cancel it all together. And if you’re running out of coffee quicker than you thought – you can always do an early renewal and get the next delivery whenever you need it.

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